Monday, April 12, 2010

Mama hen earned some eggs tonight!

Jim got me an incubator for my Birthday and I quickly filled it up with eggs to hatch out!!!(LOL) Well, the eggs have been in the bator since 4-2 and in the meantime one of my Buff Orpington girls decided to "go broody"!!! Perfect timing! So I set her up in her own pen & nest box a few days ago and gave he fake eggs just to see how serious she was about this "wanting to be a Mama thing"...well she's FOR REAL!!! So tonight I took the fake eggs out and replaced them with half of the eggs that I had in my bator! Oh boy...she stuffed them right under her belly and snuggled down!!! So let the countdown begin!!! 10 more days ad we should have some new cheepers around here!!!

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