Friday, April 9, 2010

It's "Chickie Biz as usual" around here!

I was offered alot of money for three of my silkie babies that we hatched out on Valentine's Day this year! They went to a wonderful home in NY!!! Congrats Felicia on your New Chicks!!!

We had our first "al natural" hatch two days ago with our little red hen "Red Girl"!!! 7 new babies!!! We will be selling 5 and keeping 2.

We have Olive Eggers & Black Copper Marans(Chocolate Eggers) in the bator along with some of our own eggs(seramas, sizzles, Easter Eggers)!!! They are due to hatch out on the 22nd!!! I'm holding out hope that one of my other hens will get the urge to be a "Mama" and then she can take over the hatch for me!!! I LOVE it when the hen's do all of the work!

We are in the process of re-modeling our coops and adding an attached walk in style run onto our barn. As long as these upgrades get done before fall I'll be a thankful woman!

Oh yeah! We've also been selling fertilized eggs from our "Free range egg layer flock" like hotcakes!!! It's been alot of fun & helps with the feed bill!

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