Thursday, April 8, 2010

7 New Baby Chicks!!!!

We had a VERY SUCCESSFUL hatch yesterday!!! So this morning we have 7 Brand New Baby Chicks! 5 are red frizzles and 2 are sizzles!!! VERY EXCITING!!! Mama Hen is doing an excellent job tending to her new babies!

After 21 days of diligently tending to her nest ...our New Mama Hen hatched out 4 babies and still counting!!! VERY EXCITING DAY!!! I went out to peek in on her this morning and out from her feathers popped two precious little yellow fluffy chicks!!! Now it's later in the afternoon and at last count she has 5 chicks!!! She was sitting on 9 eggs so we'll have to see what happens! Ben was so excited when he saw the new babies!!! He exclaimed..."It's a MIRACLE!" Out of the mouth of babes! It really does make the Springtime even more special so have these little fluffy "miracles"!!!

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