Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some More Serama Pics!

Spring has Sprung!!! Back outside and Laying!

So it's been some time and although we have gotten a random egg here and there...the girls pretty much took a break for the winter....BUT...their back to laying again now!!! It's very exciting...unfortunately my bator is full already so I am forced to sell these extras. But once the bator is emptied out!!! I'm going to be hatching some more baby seramas!

The "Big Flock" is also doing well. I have officially achieved my goal of having every color egg in my frig!!!(YIPEEE) So now I've decided to go ahead and start selling some of the colored eggs.

All of my eggs this season are $5 each Shipped! You tell me what colors/breeds you want and how many and the date you would like them shipped and I make sure it happens!