Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our Spoiled Chickens watching the "Real Chickens" from inside!(LOL)

Ben with his Fav. Chicken

The Boys snugglin' their chickies! Shhhhhhhhh!!!!

Don't Tell Daddy what goes on while he's at work!(LOL)

Just in case your wondering why they are wrapped in towels??? They HAVE to get a bath before coming inside and MUST wear a chickie diaper! They absolutely LOVE a warm's the strangest thing...they also LOVE being wrapped in a towel and snuggled! Sometimes the kids will have gone off to play and I find a chicken sleeping on the couch wrapped in a towel or baby blanket! They are the BEST pets for kids! They are content to just stay where ever the kids put them and are just too sweet!

Moved the Flock Indoors!

Seramas do not fair too well in the cold weather and although ours seemed to be making out ok outside, we decided to not chance anything and bring them indoors. Sooo...they are living VERY spoiled lives right now in our sunroom! I was able to pick up a couple of cheap "pop-up style dog crates" from Target the other day and it does a great job containing the mess from wood shavings and food crumbs. They are such strange little creatures....we have really gotten to spend alot of time with them and can not get over just how relaxed and docile they really are! I had purchased some "chicken diapers" back in the summer so they wouldn't poo on our back patio..these are coming in real handy ever since we moved the birds inside!

I'm really thinking that these little birds could make the Perfect Pet for alot of children! They are soooo affectionate and smart. They love to snuggle and be wrapped in a warm blanket and sleep. They will sit on you lap for hours! They can wear absolutely no "house training" is required. Most of the time they poo at night when they roost anyway. They don't eat much and don't require much space at all! You could set them up in a spare room or garage and they would make out just fine! If you go away on problem ...a little extra food and water and they are self sufficient! have the "girl factor" of being able to dress them up in cute little diapers and chickie clothes! most people don't have "bird allergies" and they are just as clean as any other pet bird! They LOVE to be bathed in warm water(shower or sink). Call me crazy...but I think these little critters make awesome pets!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We are hoping to have eggs coming out our ears this Spring!

We have waiting lists forming now for the following hatching eggs:
Serama eggs (50% will be frizzled)
Chocolate Frizzled Polish(50% will be frizzled)
Olive Eggs(Second generation covered by a Black Copper Maran Roo from
Chocolate Cuckoo Maran eggs & Blue Araucana eggs!

Serama & Polish eggs are $32 for 6 eggs(Priority Shipping included $12)

Olive & Chocolate Hatching Eggs are $3 each plus shipping

Winter 2011 Update!

We were blessed to have 3 little additions to our flock over the past summer!
Meet "Fondue" our new young rooster!
& his two sisters "Confetti" & "Cheapy"!!!

And the 3 Very Proud Mama Hens are in the first pic!